Ural M-62
650 ccm
year 1963

The project was to completely rebuild and restore
a rare model of the Ural M-62 with a sidecar,
keeping it 100% original.
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The M-62 was the first IMZ model that received the commercial name "Ural".
This particular model was only produced between 1961 and 1965 years.
As for now, it is the only fully original and fully restored Ural M-62 of which I know.
The motorcycle was completely disassembled, to the last nut and bolt,
then carefully and professionally reconstructed in a specialized workshop
dedicated exclusively to restoring flat-twin Soviet motorcycles.
The original parts were not replaced if it was possible to renovate or repair them.
In all the other cases, only the highest quality and/or N.O.S. parts were used.
The original broken or worn-out parts were kept and stored.
The motorcycle keeps all its specific elements such as:
Almost all of the bolts and nuts have been replaced with their high quality
stainless equivalents, made to order, exactly following the original specifications
(eg. bolts with the M8x1.0 thread, length 18 mm for spanner 12
or nuts M8x1.0 height 11 mm for spanner no.14, etc.)
and all the bolts had their heads polished to the chrome effect.
All the bearings, oil seals and other seals, except for some very specific ones,
were replaced by their highest quality equivalents.
Actually, there is an electronic relay-regulator installed but
the original regulator was stored and can be installed back at any moment.
Also, a rear brake light with its switch (a part from the period)
were installed on the motorcycle in order to comply with the current law
and be able to use the motorcycle on the public roads but caution was taken
not to interfere into the structure of the relevant parts,
so the whole system can be removed at any moment if requested.
The motorcycle was sanded, primed and then painted in a professional workshop
dedicated to painting classic motorcycles only.

There are around 250 (two hundred and fifty)
high-quality chrome-plated parts on the motorcycle.
All the aluminium parts, including the engine, the gearbox and the final
drive casings and covers as well as the front brake backplate, the rocker covers
and many other smaller elements, were polished to the chrome effect
in a specialized workshop dedicated to classic motorcycles only.
The crankshaft and the cylinders were rectified
and new high quality pistons and rings were installed.
The sidecar seat and the tonneau cover
were made of real leather, to order.
All of the worn-out rubber elements were replaced with new ones.
The wheels were completely dismantled, the rims chrome-plated
and then remounted in a professional workshop.
New Mitas (Continental group) H-02 19x4.00" tyres were installed.
The motorcycle has the original Soviet N.O.S. battery from the period installed.
The whole wiring is also N.O.S.
The original white-plate speedometer was replaced with a new N.O.S. one.
The old original speedometer (with the glass broken) was kept and stored
with the other worn-out and replaced parts.
The whole restoration process was photographically documented.
The motorcycle is in the running-in period now.
It has done over 400 km so far.
It is fully documented, registered and insured properly in the EU.
It has its original ID plate and its original frame and engine numbers.